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Second-Box provides free mailboxes. The service is free and will so remain in future. The web page of Second-Box is free from banners and our users will not receive any advertising messages from us, unless an anti-SPAM deposit is attached to the mail. On the other hand, we reserve the right to send messages with technical information, without attaching to them any fee or deposit whatever.

When you receive any sum of money from another user of the System, you pay a 9 % fee. We charge this fee for system maintenance. When you draw money from your electronic wallet, you pay a 9 % fee, too. We charge this fee to cover our transaction service costs. Again, when you draw, you can have to pay an extra fee depending on what method you choose to draw your money. Please see Wallet for details about possible money drawing methods and the relevant fees.

When you receive money from another user, you can not draw it immediately, however you can use it to pay fees and deposits to other users. To draw money received from other users, you should wait for at least six months to pass from the date, on which you received it. Until this time expires, the money will be kept in heading Futures. Please accept our apology for this inconvenient restriction, which we are forced to impose in order to protect ourselves from fraud. We hope to ease or abolish this restriction in future.

Moreover, money in a heading Futures may be canceled if the user sending it has used a credit card illegally or by the reason of some other cheating.

If you deposit money in your electronic wallet, this money will not go to the heading Futures and may be drawn immediately. When drawing this money, you nevertheless pay the above-mentioned drawing fee, in spite of the fact that the money is deposited by you alone.

When you attach money as an anti-SPAM deposit, this money will be temporarily blocked until the recipient decides what the fate of your mail will be. In case that your deposit is returned to you, the money will be refunded in full to your electronic wallet without any fees or withholdings. If the recipient decides that you have wasted his time and fines you, then this money will pass from your to his wallet, and the 9 % fee will be collected from the recipient, not from you.

By attaching money to your mail as an anti-SPAM deposit, you agree that the recipient may fine you up to the amount of that deposit. Should this be the case, you can not get angry with the recipient, can not ask explanations for his/her decision to fine you and can not ask for the fee to be canceled. Even though the recipient decides, on second thought, to return your money, he will not receive the 9 % fee paid to us, and if he or she uses our system to send the money back to you, then you will pay a 9 % fee for this transaction. Therefore, with each such money-go-round transaction you will lose 17.2 % of the original amount.

When you fine someone by taking the anti-SPAM deposit attached to the mail, you agree not to get angry with the sender and not to seek any other compensation for the waste of your time. You also agree that the sender may write you again, and you reserve the right to fine him again if you do not like his mail.

If the user charges fees for sending mails to him, and if you attach the required fee to your mail, the money will be directly transferred from your to his wallet, and the 9 % fee will be collected from the recipient, not from you. Mail-sending fees are non-refundable. If the user charges fees for sending mails to him, these fees will be collected from all users writing to him, including those, who are in the list of his friends.

Some system resources are limited. For example, the size of your mailbox and the number of mails you can send to external users per week are limited. We are forced to impose these limitations in order to ward off disloyal users. The exact values of these limitations depend on the amount of money you have in your wallet and for how long you have been our user. We reserve the right to change these values as we think fit.

Second-Box is a not a bank and does not accrue any interest to the money in your electronic wallet. Furthermore, the money is not insured. A third person may get hold of your password and take your money away, or your money may be otherwise stolen or lost. In any such case, you can not enforce any liability on Second-Box, but only on the perpetrator. In the absence of any interest and insurance, we suggest that you do not keep large amounts of money in your electronic wallet.

The content of your mails is confidential information, and its reading or use in any other manner is a crime prosecuted by the law. A third person may get to know your password and in thus or in other way to access the contents of your mail. In any such case, you can not enforce any liability on Second-Box, but only on the perpetrator.

The first e-mail address, which you used when you registered with Second-Box, is confidential and will not be disclosed by us to anyone under any circumstances.

The remaining information, which you provided about yourself at the time of registration, will be treated by us public. This information includes your name, sex, country and Second-Box address. Everyone can reach this information if you included your Second-Box address in the e-mail book. Even though you are not included in this book, part of the above-noted information may be received by those, who know your Second-Box address.

Other types of confidential information include the contents of your electronic wallet and your behaviour in the System. This information can not be disseminated, however it can be used by Second-Box for statistical purposes and for automatic identification of target user groups to receive one advertisement message or another. For example, if you have more money in your electronic wallet and if you fine advertisement mailings more rarely, then you are more likely to be caught in the group of prospective recipients of one advertisement or another. The advertiser will not learn that you are among the recipients of his message, even if you fine him by detaining the anti-SPAM deposit. The advertiser will only know that you are a recipient if you reply to his message.

We reserve the right to change the terms of Second-Box service.