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Second-Box net is made by the strawberry prolog team under the supervision of Dimiter Dobrev.

This site is property of AE - "Dimiter Dobrev" - all rights reserved.

Send us an e-mail if you want to receive a license for the Second-Box technology and to make your own e-mail server. The requirements are to prove that you are reliable company and that you will not compromise the service Second Box.


Second-Box is an e-mail server. Here you can get a free e-mail address like the ones available from yahoo.com, hotmail.com, etc. The special thing about us is that we do not rely on advertisement to cover our server maintenance costs. Therefore we will not annoy our users with any banners or advertising messages.

So, we will not disturb you with ads. And nobody else will be able to do so, either. Anyone wishing to send you an advertising message will have to pay you for the time lost. You are the one to decide how much your time is worth and whether the message should be fined as SPAM. If the information in the e-mail is useful, you should not fine the sender, because he or she may stop writing to you any further.

Second-Box is a new advertising media, where advertisers pay directly to recipients. So far, advertisers used to pay us indirectly, say by sponsoring various broadcasts. So far, the only possible way of advertising was to smuggle unsolicited information along with more interesting topics. Now, one can advertise by sending messages, which users are interested to receive.

But Second-Box might be useful even in the absence of these unique advertising opportunities, because we provide to our users a free and clean mailbox, which will never receive messages from nuisances and will never become jammed with SPAM. This service solves a major problem, and it solves it for free. This is more than just a free service. You will make money of it rather than to pay for it. The ones who will pay will be the spammers, and once they start paying, they might not appear to us that much of a nuisance.

From the Strawberry Prolog Team