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Dimiter Dobrev - the manager of Second-Box

Why we hate the SPAM and how we are going to stop it?
How Second-Box works?
How to use this service?
Why to use Second-Box?
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Why we hate the SPAM and how we are going to stop it?
    I've had enough of it and I'm not going to take it anymore!
    Don't you feel fed up with all those advertisements? I myself feel sick and tired of being persuaded to change my phone, washing powder and car. The adverts flood us from everywhere. On TV your favorite program is cut off, on the radio they don't let you listen to music, billboards hide the gardens, in the street someone grabs your sleeve and persuades you to "buy it, it's so very cheap."
    Even at home you get no rest. You open the post box and from there you are dumped with colorful sheets of paper. Shortly after that, a traveling salesman rings and offers a universal screwdriver. Finally you decide to check your e-mail and it turns out that you have lots of letters. You hope that some old friend had remembered for you but instead it results that a wiseacre has decided to advertise a magic anti-balding remedy.
    How can we fight with this annoyance? How can we stop the adverts? This is a hard thing to do, as in this business billions dollars are being made. It is another thing whether it should be stopped. Often the advert is useful. You can find out about a new service or to discover that a new bar has opened nearby. When you open the post-box it is better to find an advert than to realize that nobody cares about your existence.
    Wouldn't it be a better thing to stop not the useful advert but the one that annoys you? Wouldn't it be better for the advertiser not to waste money in order to cut off your favorite program but instead to pay you for spending some time getting to know the product offered?
    The truth is that most advertisers do pay you, though indirectly, when you watch their advert. Do not forget that your favorite program is paid for by the very advertisements which interrupt it and the ugly billboard in front of your window fills the municipal coffers and in that way keeps money in your pocket.
    However, there are some advertisers who pay absolutely nothing to you either directly or indirectly, and they are even rummage in your pocket!
    When a spammer sends you a letter he takes your time without any recompense but even makes you pay for the transmission of the letter!
    From now on, if someone wants to send you an advertising letter he will have to pay for your being inconvenienced.
    If a firm has decided to pay one billion dollars so that its advertisement can reach 5 billion of the population on Earth, then for you have been spared out 20 cents. So, we are going to help you get this money. In addition we are going to free you once and for all from the unwanted e-mail. We are going to provide you with a public e-mail address at which everyone can find you without tiring you. You are not afraid of popularity and you have nothing against strangers writing to you, as long as they are beautiful and rich, write pleasant things and prove that the letter they send to you is important to them and they are not the kind who write too many people hoping that at least someone will be interested.

How Second-Box works?
    After this entire anti-advertising tirade we are going to offer you a new product. We have a clear conscience because we offer it absolutely free of charge. The use of this service will not only be free of charge but you will even get money from it. The only thing the system takes is a part of the fines that you will take from the impostors. This does not make the service less free of charge because it is a normal thing when it brings you money to give it something in return for the maintenance of the system.
    We offer you a second e-mail address at Second-Box. This e-mail will be SPAM protected by an anti-SPAM fee determined by you. (I have chosen the price of 10 cents for my box, because for this sum I am ready to look at any letter.) When a stranger writes to you at Second-Box he will have to deposit the sum required by you as an anti-SPAM fee.
    After receiving the letter you will have to decide on the usefulness of the information and to return the money back or to rate it as a boring letter and to fine it by keeping the sum.
    The fact that you protect your e-mail box with anti-SPAM deposit does not mean that you want money from people writing to you because you will return the money if the letter is not annoying to you. If someone is forced to put a few cents in Second-Box because he wants to send you an e-mail then this will be a small expense like the one for sending a post card. The sender will be even grateful to you because thus he will find the only way to get rid of the SPAM.
    When you open a new address, spend a few minutes on filling out the information about you. The reason for this is to give a chance for strangers to find you and to contact you. Also, the advertisers use this information in order to send you useful information. Do not be afraid of the advert. The SPAM is already past. If you begin to get too many advertising messages, then you should start fining them and they will quickly drop off. Do not fine the useful advertising messages because they will rapidly stop. Remember: life without advertising is boring but life is annoying when there is too much advertising in it.

How to use this service?
    It is not necessary to close your old box after you have opened a second one. I suppose that your present address was known only to your friends or that you have given up and put that address in a web page and now it is stuffed with SPAM. If you did not give in, continue to keep the address a secret only for friends and let the strangers use the second box. It is not necessary to check non-stop the two boxes. Leave your first address in Second-Box and when there is a letter it will be forwarded to the old box. Thus, you can create a second-box and to forget about its existence until the moment when a stranger writes to your new address or someone sends you an advert.
    If you have already accepted putting your address in the Internet, then I would recommend that you put this new Second-Box address in the same place. In this way people who want to write to you will have the chance to choose between the two boxes. If they write to the first they risk their letter getting drowned in the SPAM sea raging in it. If they choose the second then they risk your fining them as spammers. Of course, if these are serious people then they will not be afraid of this possibility and will even consider that it would be more polite to present you with the chance to fine them if you think that they might otherwise annoy you.
    You might wish to give up your old box entirely and use only Second-Box. In that case you will have to forward your old e-mail box to the new one or if this is impossible to inform all your friends that you have a new address. Apart from that you will have to include their addresses in the list of people who can write to you without depositing the required anti-SPAM fee. This will be not a problem if you have an Address book or if you don't now is the right moment to make an Address book by collecting your friend's addresses in the Second-Box. In this way you will not annoy your friends and they will be able to write to you free of charge just as before. They might even not understand that they are writing to a SPAM protected e-mail address. And yet, if someone irritates you it is possible to exclude him temporarily from the list in question.
    You might wish to set a keyword and accept without any problems all letters containing this keyword in the Subject. If you make this keyword public then it will be send as an autoreply to anyone who writes to you but who is not in the list of your friends. This could be discovered by the spammers, but if they become too numerous you will remove or change the keyword.
    Send me a test e-mail at dobrev@2-box.com if you want to see the autoreply sent back when the letter is stopped by the anti-SPAM guard. Don't worry, you will not annoy me because I will not receive this test letter.

Why to use Second-Box?
    Why is it worth using the Second-Box? Because this is a global village as has been so widely discussed. This is a society in which everyone is in contact with everyone else. Until the now it was impossible to contact an important person even if you had a good reason to do so. The problem was that you did not know this person's telephone or e-mail address. Even if you knew them, your message went to a secretary who usually refused to let you through. Now the VIPs can open an e-mail addresses in Second-Box and give everyone the opportunity to write to them. It is true that some of them could determine such a huge anti-SPAM fee that it would become almost impossible to contact them personally, but if you have a good enough reason to look for them and if you suppose that you will not be fined as an impostor then you can write to them even when the deposit required is a big one.
    We hope that it will be you, the reader, who will be the first VIP to open an address in Second-Box. And even if you are not the first one, be sure that you are one of the VIPs because everyone is a VIP. Everyone deserves to get beautiful and pleasant letters instead of the spammers' annoying intrusions.